Quilted Ornament Pattern

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Thank You!...for your interest in my ornament pattern. I personally did not invent this ornament design because it's been around for over 100 years. In the quilting world it's called the "Folded Star Pattern." Quilters use it in making quilts, table runners, pot holders and now beautiful ornaments.

These ornaments are most popular for decorating Christmas trees, but can also make wonderful gifts for holidays such as Valentine's or Mother's Day or you can simply adorn your home with them. You don't need a needle and thread to make these beautiful ornaments or even a sewing machine, but you will need about 250-300 straight pins!

Over the years I've made hundreds of ornaments using every kind of fabric and ribbon you can imagine. I've made every mistake that could be made, and with this pattern, I'll teach you how to avoid these mistakes.

I will not only teach you the "Traditional Way" to make these ornaments that you will find in most other patterns, but I teach what I call the "Better Way" This way will not only save on the cost of materials, but I believe it's a much easier way of making them. When you purchase an ornament kit, I will include a note to let you know if that ornament should be made the "Traditional or Better Way." Most of my ornaments are made with the "Better Way" method. My pattern is a 32 page booklet and is fully illustrated with beautiful color drawings to help you every step of the way. I spent months developing this pattern and I leave nothing out! I learned years ago from a one page pattern and after many mistakes I decided to write down things that I had learned, and you will find them all in this pattern.

I will teach you all about different fabrics and ribbon. The different weights and type of fabrics that can be used and what fabrics will not work. I teach you what to look for when you purchase ribbon and what works best. I teach you how to place the band and the special placement of the bow and hanger. I also teach different ways to make the bow and what you will need to do to make it look just right.

I include a special chapter on using plaid homespun fabric and different ways to make "Picture Ornaments." You will learn how to create these ornaments from pictures printed on your fabric or create your own picture using printable cotton and your computer.

I have another special chapter dedicated to teaching you all about using 1" and 2" wide ribbon. I also talk about using ribbon and fabric in the same ornament.

My pattern is full of helpful tips and tricks-of-the-trade to keep you from making any mistakes. If at any time you purchase 5 or more ornament kits at one time, I will include my pattern for FREE! If you are a returning customer and already own my pattern and want to purchase 5 or more kits at one time, I will include a FREE ornament kit of your choice! Any time you have a question about anything, always feel free to email me at terrij@cableone.net or click on the contact me link on my website. If you have tried something new and love your idea and want to share it with me, I would love to hear from you. I would also love to see photos of your completed ornaments, so email me anytime!

As we go about our daily lives always remember:

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is the joy that comes from giving"

Happy Quilting!

Terri McInnis

Price: $9.95