32-Page Pattern Booklet

Pattern Please Quilted Ornament 32 Page Pattern

Quilted ornaments are created on a 3" Styrofoam or solid Smooth Foam ball using a method known among quilters as the "Folded Star" pattern. This simple design creates a triangle that can be folded from two different shapes of fabric, as you will discover in my 32-page pattern booklet.

These ornaments are often called "NO-SEW" quilted ornaments because they are not hand sewn or require the use of a sewing machine. Instead, they are created using around 250 flat-head straight pins.

Using cotton fabric or decorative ribbon, 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" wide, these beautiful "works-of-art" can be created using two different methods of folding your material into layers of triangles.

First, I teach you the "Traditional Way" to make a design that has been around for over 100 years. Next, I teach you my "Better Way" method that will give you a more polished and perfected look, that is not only easier to do, but will use fewer materials.

This pattern booklet is fully illustrated with beautiful color drawings to teach you how to make an ornament, step-by-step. Your FREE patterns will complement my pattern booklet with lots of color photos of me making each ornament, one step at a time.