About Me

As a little girl, my dream was to own a fabric store and be a landscape photographer. I never became a photographer, but I do own that camera I always wanted! I always loved beautiful fabric and as a kid growing up in West Texas, we had "Cloth Worlds" and when I was there, I was like a kid in a candy store! I learned to sew at the age of 10 and designed my clothes all through high school. When I was a teenager, I took all my leftover fabric scraps and one year I made my mother a quilt for Christmas. My grandmother helped me finish it. That is the only quilt I have ever made, but I have owned and sold many antique quilts over the years.

When I grew up, I met my soul mate and we were married for many years. We traveled the country buying and selling antiques and living in a motor home. I have been everywhere up and down the east coast and mid-west and have a lot of wonderful memories. I had everything but children!

After many years, we decided to settle down and buy a house. Most people in life have their families first and then travel the country when they retire. I did mine just the opposite and I am so glad I did. Living in a motor home is not easy, but it is fun! My grandmother Jordan always told me, "You will never have any children until you get off the road," and she was right! I never saw myself with lots of kids, I just wanted one little boy!

Soon after I turned 40, I became sad that I would never have that little boy. I lay in bed one night and prayed, "Lord, I just feel that my husband will die someday before me, please give me that little boy I have always wanted." To my great joy and delight, nine months later, I gave birth to that little boy. I named him Matthew, which means, "gift from God." He's a little spoiled, but I don't care...aren't we all!

When my son was 3 and a half years old, my husband suddenly passed away one morning from a heart attack. As you can imagine, my life suddenly changed. I became a single mom and was no longer able to manage the antique business by myself.

Not being one to set around and feel sorry for myself, I begin to look for something to create that I really enjoyed. One day while searching the internet, I stumbled upon a picture of these beautiful quilted ornaments. I was hooked! I had to find out how to make one, so I began to search for a pattern. I found one, but it was awful! I think I took my first ornament apart 5 times before I ever completed it. I soon started making ornaments and selling them on Ebay around the holidays and did very well. The problem was, I just couldn't make them fast enough! So, I decided to teach other people how to make them and from that I created my own pattern. I soon added ornament kits to my sales and one thing led to another and before I knew it, my hobby had become a full time business!

My son is almost 17 years old now...yes, I'm telling my age...and I have always been very strict with him about using his manners when he wanted something. I have always taught him to say "Please" and that is why I named my web site "Pattern Please! com." Every time I would show someone my ornaments, they would always ask me, "Can I have that pattern, please!"

As you visit my web site, I hope you enjoy yourself. Always remember, when life hands you a bowl of lemons, just find a way to make some yummy lemonade!

Happy Quilting!

Terri McInnis