My name is Terri McInnis and I am the founder and owner of Pattern Please!
I want you to know that it is my honor to teach you how to make these beautiful ornaments!

I started my business out of necessity, and successfully continued because of my love for color, fabric, and design!

One day I found myself a widower with a small child and desperately wanted to be able and stay at home with my son, but needed a source of income. I tried making and selling many different crafts, but nothing ever satisfied me. One day while searching the internet, I stumbled upon a beautiful quilted ornament and it was "love at first sight"! I had to learn to make them, so I went in search of a pattern. I found one, but it was so poorly written that it took me 3 days and many do-overs to make my first ornament. I decided to sell them on eBay but soon discovered that it would not bring in enough money to pay the bills.

I decided instead of competing against those who were much more talented than me, I would teach the world how to make them! I was so excited the first day I sold $200 in kits and I knew I was on the right track.

I've been in business since 2010, and now my son is my partner and developer of my beautiful new website. Over the years, I have sold thousands and thousands of kits, along with my 32 page pattern booklet through my website and Mary Maxim. I have been with Mary Maxim Craft Catalog for over 5 years and you may have seen my ads in several quilting magazines throughout the years.

My motto has always been, "don't just wish for it, work for it" and that is exactly what we have done over the years at Pattern Please!

Enjoy viewing over 130 quilted ornament kits for all occasions!

Click Here to view my personal favorite ornaments!

Happy Quilting!