For Shop Owners and Distributors Only!

Your quilting customers will love to learn to make these beautiful ornaments, especially around Christmas time! If you teach classes in your quilt shop, these are fun ornaments to make and so easy! One way to keep your customers coming back around the holidays is put up a Christmas tree in your shop and ask your customers to decorate it with their beautiful ornaments. You may want to run a contest for the best ornament!

With a wholesale order of 26 or more patterns, I offer this beautiful counter display at no charge to you. With the display that holds 5 to 6 patterns, I include a finished ornament for you to display. I will also ship this display for FREE and anytime you reorder 26 patterns at my special wholesale price, I will ship your patterns for FREE. I built these displays, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery. The displays no longer have a place for my business cards as you see in the photo. You can order from me directly, so please contact me anytime through my website. I will be glad to talk to you!

Happy Quilting!

Terri McInnis