Support Our Troops Ornament Kit

"Support Our Troops" is a very special patriotic ornament that will remind you daily of anyone that you know serving in our military! It would make a beautiful gift for that special friend or loved one that serves everyday to keep us all safe. This ornament is called a "Picture Ornament" and I talk about this in my pattern. The unique "Patriotic Ribbon" is applied on both sides, so if the ornament turns while hanging, it will look the same on both sides. Picture ornaments are so much fun to make and I describe in detail in my pattern how this can be done. Created using the finest high quality fabrics and complete with ribbons for fancy bows and decorative pin. We should never forget and always be grateful to all the men and women who put their lives on the line for each of us every day!
May God watch over each and every one of them and "Bless Them All!"


Support Our Troops Ornament Front View

Support Our Troops Ornament Top View