Peace! America Quilted Ornament Kit

"Peace! America" is an ornament that will remind you everyday of what we all strive for! This ornament is called a "Picture Ornament" and I talk about this in my pattern. The unique "Peace Symbol" is applied on both sides, so if the ornament turns while hanging, it will look the same on both sides. Picture ornaments are so much fun to make and I describe in detail in my pattern how this can be done. Created using the finest high quality fabrics and complete with ribbons for fancy bows and decorative pin.
May we all have "Peace On Earth!"


The pattern must be purchased separately.


This kit does NOT include my 32-page pattern booklet that will teach you how to make this ornament,
along with every ball ornament on my website.

When purchasing only ornament kits, please send me an email and let me know if you have previously
purchased my pattern booklet from my website, a retail quilt shop, or any craft catalog.
If you have ordered from a craft catalog, your simplified pattern from that kit only teaches you how to work with
fabric and ribbon folded in the same way as fabric. Because this is a "picture ornament," you will need to purchase my pattern booklet to learn how to create this type of ornament.

Remember...if you order 5 or more ornament kits for the first time; please do not order the pattern.
I will send you my 32-page pattern booklet ($9.95 value) for FREE!
If you already have the pattern, for every 5 kits that you order in one purchase, I will send you a FREE kit.

PLEASE...send me an email to inform me of what FREE kits you would like to have!

Always, as a special BONUS, any purchase of $100 or more in one order is shipped for FREE.
I will send you a PayPal refund for the shipping cost you were charged at checkout.

What is included in this ornament kit?

Peace in America Ornament Front View

Peace in America Ornament Top View