"Key to My Heart" Quilted Ornament Kit

"Key to My Heart" is a beautiful variation of the "folded-star" pattern used in making all the quilted ornaments on my website. I am excited to introduce to you another quilted ornament from a very talented quilted ornament artist and friend of mine...Darlene Anderson. Darlene created this beautiful "Heart" pattern and has now created several ornament kits with fabric exclusively for Pattern Please! Each kit will come complete with all the pre-cut fabric and ribbon materials needed to create this beautiful heart. Also included in the kit will be the decorative pin, "Smoothfoam" heart and pattern with color photos showing each step. You will only need to purchase your Flat Head Straight Pins to make this ornament.


Key to My Heart Valentine Ornament Front View

Key to My Heart Valentine Ornament Top View

Key to My Heart Valentine Ornament Bottom View