"Happy Easter" Quilted Egg Ornament Kit

"Happy Easter" is my first Easter egg ornament I have created. It's made on a 3" Smoothfoam™ egg in the same 4-layer "folded-star" design that is used in making all the quilted ball ornaments on my website. The kit comes complete with a brand new pattern that includes over 25 color photos to walk you through every step of making your Easter egg. You will feel as if you are sitting across the table from me and making this beautiful ornament right along beside me. The pattern also teaches you how to make a triangle and how I make my measurements from one layer to the next. The kit comes complete with everything you need to make this Easter egg, including the pattern, Smoothfoam™ egg, pre-cut materials and packet of 250 sequin pins.



This kit includes everything needed to complete this ornament, including the special pattern.


Remember...if you order 5 or more ornament kits, including this Easter egg kit, for the first time, you will receive my 32-page pattern booklet for FREE.
If you already have the pattern, for every 5 kits that you order in one purchase, I will send you a FREE ball kit, up to a $9.95 value.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter